Monday, October 03, 2005

What to do about Harriet Miers

What should the Dems have done about John Roberts? Embraced him as a qualified and principled conservative (who was a mortal lock to be confirmed anyway) and who may uphold Roe and has been a lawyer who fought for gay rights. He's an independant thinker, and is potentially a more conservative Souter who will likely "drift left" (aka act sensibly and fairly) when faced with actual Supreme Court cases.

What should the Dems do about Harriet Miers? Fight her tooth and nail. She's an unqualified crony who has never been a judge. Dems should make much of the fact that she's a political moderate who supported the International Criminal Court and Gay adoption. Only be teaming up with the uber-right people who run the country can she be defeated. But if the wingnuts really want her to go down in flames, the Dems should want it even more. Miers is an extreme Bush loyalist, and as such should be destroyed even if she were otherwise qualified. She has no judicial ideology based on experience; her ideology will be to ask about every case: What would Karl Rove do? It will be like having George W. Bush on the Supreme Court for the next 30 years. God save the Republic.

Miers is clearly a crony pick, and as such should be portrayed as a sort of Michael Brown of the Supreme Court. Brown was a horse lawyer, Miers worked for a state lottery. She'd be perfect for the position of chief counsel of Jeb Bush's reelection campaign, or perhaps George W. Bush presidential librarian, but a superpartisan crony with no experience is not appropriate for the highest court in the land. Hiring an unqualified person just because he or she is friends with George didn't work at FEMA, and it won't work on the Supreme Court.

The Bushistas will point out that "39%" of justices have historically not been judges beforehand. The Dems should retort that 0% of justices have not been judges on the recent court. Besides, the problem with Miers isn't just that she's a non-judge, it's that she's nothing but a proxy for George Bush. She's a crony. And the Supreme Court should never be anything but 0% cronies.

The only way Dems can support this woman is through blind loyalty to the Roe v. Wade decision that has weakened their party to the point of near-obsolescence. Like Roberts, there is no way to know where Miers stands on Roe; like Roberts, there's reason to think she won't vote to overturn it; and like Roberts, she would still probably need 1 more vote on the court to overturn it anyway.

The last thing Bush or Rove want is to see Roe v. Wade overturned and thus fragment or destroy their party. The second to last thing they want is to be caught supporting Roe v. Wade. The wingnuts seem to be assuming Miers is pro-choice, we should assume she is pro-life, and far worse, pro-Bush, and the two sides should team up to throw her into the trashbin of history. After all, I think we can all agree that she is unqualified and inappropriate.


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please do not confused dear readers by commenting against Roe. Roe is a strong presidential candidate and she is quite clean in her image

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