Friday, September 09, 2005

Losing the news cycle part 2

Kevin Drum, on his wonderful blog, has a smart post about the Dems once again losing the PR war to the Bush Machine. A useful corrective to Garance Franke-Ruta's wishful thinking at Tapped. Garance cites Bush's 38% approval rating on Katrina response as evidence of the failure of his PR effort. Two thoughts:

1. 38%! 38%!! The fact that more than 5% approve of Bush's response is evidence of the triumph of his PR effort and of the enduring and strong support of Republicans for perhaps the worst president in the history of our nation.

2. 38% is about the same as his general approval rating at this point. Touche you say? No. Bush's approval rating was a dismal sub-50% on election day and it didn't stop him from stomping John Kerry in the popular vote. And Bush never needs to win another election. Only a legitimate rejection of Bush and of the Republican leadership in general will put the Repubs in jeopardy of losing a significant amount of seats in 2006, or the presidency in 2008. Sure Bush's approval ratings are bad, but, may I remind you, he is one of the worst presidents America has ever had. If he had a coherent political opposition or a critical media his approval rating would be about 10%. And keep in mind, the approval rating of Democratic leaders are almost as dismal as Bush's...and the Dems aren't even destroying the nation.

If we can never make the 40% faithful see how horrible Bush is, they'll just jump onto the bandwagon of the next Rove client, Bill Frist or Mitt Romney or whomever. Bush's PR machine is doing just wonderfully thank you. As reporters say in private, the Republicans are better at everything but policy. And then those reporters parrot RNC talking points and rip Nancy Pelosi apart. The same TAPPED has the story.

It sure was nice to have a real media back for those two days.


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