Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Update

Kevin Drum has a sickening timeline of the neglect of New Orleans' levees, not to mention Bush's refusal to let what appears to be a 9/11 scale disaster interfere with his daily photo ops. The conservative blogosphere also bravely refuses to let the suffering and death of a bunch of poor black Democrats get them down. Ok, maybe the people dying in New Orleans had no means to escape the city in time, but some people are shooting at the rescue crews, which Jonah Goldberg says is very wrong. A bold stance, and I have to agree with him there. And the looting is, I guess, unforunate. But these people are dying and their city is in ruins. If my city was destroyed by a flood or terrorist attack and I was starving to death thanks to the incompetence of FEMA, I'd be the first person to loot the local supermarket and Jonah Goldberg and his fat ass would be right behind me. If someone is stealing a half-soaked big screen TV and dragging it to high ground, it's not right, but it's not exactly my number one hurricane aftermath concern.

Kevin Drum's timeline makes me sick to my stomach, or it would if I hadn't already seen Bush bankrupt America, lose a war, allow terrorist-friendly North Korea to build nuclear weapons, and fail to legimately try to catch the man who ordered the attacks on the World Trade Center (for you Bush Republicans out there, his name is "Osama Bin Laden"). I think I'm really just sickened by the accompanying photo. Those American flags...In George W. Bush's America, the water is still rising.


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