Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina Update 2

In fairness, Laura Rozen has several The Corner writers, including Jonah Goldberg, lamenting Bush's apparently terrible speech a few days ago, and, in Goldberg's case, saying, "This is not the usual post-hurricane scrambling for FEMA patronage and post-hoc insurance coverage. Fair or not, accurate or not, the normal rules really don't seem to apply here [and after a discussion of the poltics of it]...Moreover, it's the right thing to do: Send in the cavalry." And that's why I don't dislike Goldberg as much as many of his colleagues.

Don't forget though, Bush's initial speech after 9/11 was surreally bad, and only after a few days of coaching and speechwriting was he able to "show leadership" to the point where an emotionally vulnerable country and pliable media decided to let him do whatever he wanted until about 4 months ago. Now that the calvary has at last been sent in to some degree, expect Bush to make a great, polished speech sometime in the next few days, and expect Goldberg et. al. to praise it to high heaven.

The best Bush-criticizing post is clearly by John Podhoretz - JPod focuses like a laser on the high stakes of the emergency response in N.O., where 250,000 left-behind Americans struggle to survive:
Look, it's not too much to say that the continued viability of his presidency resides in how he and the administration respond in the next week.

The best part is the title of JPod's post: NOBODY'S A BIGGER BUSH CHEERLEADER THAN I... That is exactly, and only, what he is.


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