Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina - a disaster in every sense of the word

Atrios is all over the apparently horribly insufficient response to Hurricane Katrina. The most important and unbelieveable thing is the apparent chaos and horror being visited upon the mostly black and mostly poor residents of New Orleans who did not or could not evacuate the city in time. As I type this people are starving to death, drowning, desperately trying to save the lives of their children right here in the US. Why is this happening? Well, mostly because of an enormous hurricane. (Though I can't resist this free talking point: global warming leads to warmer ocean temperatures and thus perhaps to more and stronger hurricanes. I'm not blaming Katrina on greenhouse gases, I'm only saying that in the future it's crazy not to sacrifice a little to prevent global warming, because this sacrifice may end up saving 1,000's of lives in Florida, New Orleans, hell, the entire South and East of our nation.) But it's made worse by the fact that the Bush administration is simply bad at running our government. It's bad at fighting wars, and it's bad at dealing with disaters, even four years after 9/11. It's bad at both for the same reason: Bush politicizes everything, and (except it seems for John Roberts) tends to hire the most loyal person for each job rather than someone who knows what they are doing. It happened with the CPA in Iraq and it happened with FEMA. I don't advise that the Dems try to score political points on the Katrina mismanagement, as it's a delicate operation and they will likely screw it up, but the smoking gun is here; apparently the funding crisis of our federal government prevented the Army Corps of Engineers from shoring up New Orleans' levees in 2004. George W. Bush is a terrible president and the Republican congress is a terrible congress, and their mismanagement is weakening and harming America in horrible ways.


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