Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina - Anderson Cooper absolutely freaking out

Framebot almost never watches TV news (it's more like TV news-o-tainment) but I have CNN on and just saw something very surreal: Anderson Cooper just absolutely freaked out while interviewing Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu. Cooper (in Waveland, Mississippi, not even N.O.) started by railing against the absence of national guard troops until today, talking about all the Mississippians who are extremely pissed about the absence of help. Then Landrieu comes on, dismisses his question about this and starts thanking Clinton and Bush I, Bill Frist, and eventually President Bush for all of their concern. Cooper, clearly extremely angry, bashes her for politicking, invokes the pissed off Mississippians he's spoken to and all but dares her to complain about the horrible neglect of her city. Landrieu, looking good and wearing an eerily sunny smile, completely refused to take the bait. She kept saying that "there would be plenty of time" to deal with those questions. It was as if she was scared that if she criticized the federal government response Bush would call off the National Guard and just let 'em starve. I don't think the Dems should clearly try to politicize this event, but there's no reason not to agree with a TV anchor when he's clearly on your side. Cooper is letting his "liberal bias" shine through, and God bless. I wonder, why has his objective journalist training failed him? I suspect it may have something to do with seeing the "dead body" of a local woman being "eaten by rats" on main street.

You really had to be there I guess; he mentioned the body and the rats to Landrieu, but her genial smile never wavered. Just a surreal level of hostility in that interview.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is political posturing and media spinning the story here when it’s the incompetent handling exacerbating the dire situation? It could have happened on anyone’s watch and if it’s a contest of infrastructure and grassroots organization, I’ll pick Carl Rove—too bad it’s not an election year. Perhaps Landrieu was belatedly politicking to make up for the needed resources local reps and officials should have secured to be able to handle this fallout. Besides, Kanye West already beat you to the punch, saying “George Bush doesn't care about black people,” during the NBC Hurricane Relief Concert.

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