Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Drowned in the Bathtub

Post-Katrina Talking point note:
Republicans say that they want a smaller government. But, especially in the wake of Katrina, Democrats need to point out that in practice, the Republicans "smaller" government (which of course is actually a bigger, perhaps more privatized, free-spending government) basically translates to a weaker government.

Thus, "Republicans want a weaker federal government." When they say "smaller," we say "weaker." Thus we can nullify a Republican rhetorical advantage.

The longer version: "Republicans say they want a smaller, weaker federal government. As we saw in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a weaker federal government is going to fail to protect Americans from disasters at home, whether caused by a hurricane or by terrorists. Americans need a strong, competent government like we had when a Democrat (Bill Clinton) was president."

Also, "Republicans say they want to make government so small and weak that they can 'drown it in a bathtub.' Well, real Americans drowned in New Orleans because of what Republicans have done to our government. They have made our government so corrupt and weak that a horse lawyer was the man in charge of FEMA when Hurricane Katrina hit."


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